In an effort to expand my audience for DAN a.k.a. DAD I will be adding a video element to the blog. For the most part, it will be a new segment called “Chalk Talk with Dan a.k.a. Dad.” Why “Chalk Talk?” First, I already have the “chalk” motif implemented on the DAN a.k.a. DAD site. Second, “Chalk Talk” is a catchy rhyming title. Third, the definition of “chalk talk” is a monologue presentation done while the speaker illustrates points by drawing on a blackboard. So, I’ll be adding some illustrations to make the name legit.

Will the videos replace the blog post, thus making DAN a.k.a. DAD a vlog? Not entirely. I like to write, so I will still be writing and posting blog posts. Some of the “Chalk Talk” videos may coincide and/or supplement the written posts, and some won’t.

The videos will be featured here on the DAN a.k.a DAD website, as well as the DAN a.k.a. DAD YouTube Channel. In fact, it would be awesome if you would subscribe to the¬†DAN a.k.a. DAD YouTube Channel to help support my dad blogging efforts. They will also likely pop up on the DAN a.k.a. DAD Facebook Page — which you should “like” if you haven’t already. Thanks for the support.


File this post under “should have posted about it sooner” and/or “better late than never.” I want to share with you a Kickstarter campaign for what I feel is a great book for young budding minds — The Little Particle That Could: Particle Physics…For Kids by Jason Rodriguez. I am not personally affiliated with this crowdfunding campaign other than being the very first person to back the project when it was launched on January 29th.

The Little Particle That Could is a children’s book about particle physics; The story of a graviton who wants to meet a photon, but she just can’t seem to catch him. It’s packed with great wonders that you wouldn’t expect in a children’s book — particle physics, gravity, relativity, light, and black holes. Okay, maybe¬† you’ll find black holes in other children’s books. Black holes are awesome. But The Little Particle That Could sounds more than just entertaining, but also informative with kid friendly text about particle physics, general relativity, gravity, and light.

The Little Particle That Could seems to be the perfect book for my budding astronaut. “How do you know that Jean Louise will be an astronaut?” you ask. Just a hunch. Father’s intuition, if you will.

Now, I do know Jason. He is a friend of mine. In fact, full disclosure… Back in the day, we shared a hotel room in Columbus, OH during the Mid-Ohio Comic Con. (Nothing illicit.) But, that is not why I’m promoting his Kickstarter here. No, no, no. I have my own selfish reasons. Well, “selfish” for my kid reasons. As of this posting the campaign has six days left to run its course. The book has already been funded (and then some), so there’s no fear that Jean Louise won’t be getting her copy of The Little Particle That Could. In fact, they’re just over 150% of their initial $5,000 funding goal. But, there is a stretch goal of $10,000 in which The Little Particle That Could will be produced as a board book. This is the version of the book that I want to give my daughter. Jean Louise loves her books — I mean really, really loves her books. And, I want this book to survive her “love.”

So, if you’re a parent of a budding astronaut of your own, or budding physicist, or just a kid that asks a lot of questions about gravity, you’ll want to get in on this project. Another reason… Black holes are awesome, remember? As I stated previously, there are only about five days left in this crowdfunding campaign as of this blog posting, so you’re not going to rest on your laurels and let this one pass you by.

As bizarre as it feels to type this next sentence, it is very much true… Science is facing opposition in today’s world. For whatever reason, there are forces — evil, evil forces — out there that wish to stifle the fact-based studies of science in order to better serve their own personal gains. So, consider your crowdfunded support of The Little Particle That Could your answer to the call to arms (or knowledge) in science’s fight to remain relevant.

You can find more information about The Little Particle That Could: Particle Physics For…Kids on the Kickstarter page.