It was about this time ten months ago. Our 8 1/2 week old baby daughter Jean Louise got her first piece of mail delivered — and it was from the White House. Now, I don’t know what sort of mail I was getting at that age, if any, but I’m sure that it wasn’t from the Leader of the Free World.

The note read:

The White House


Welcome to the world! we know the great joy your proud family must feel, and we are pleased to join in celebrating your arrival.

As you grow and learn, we hope you are blessed with rich experiences, unwavering love, and tremendous opportunity. May you always dream big dreams.


Barrack Obama     Michelle Obama

That was rather nifty. A card from the President of the United States. Jean Louise isn’t more special than any other child, in which the President decided to mark the occasion by sending a note of welcome. Any child can receive a card in honor of their birth from the White House by sending a birth announcement. Luckily, my wife had the foresight to send a birth announcement to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It is this father’s opinion, and an opinion that he will be sure to instill with his daughter, that President Barack Obama was not only a great man, but one of the finest — if not finest — President this nation has ever had, and a helluva good father. Obama signed the Babies Act, a mandate requiring that changing stations be available to dads as well. Among many worthwhile and honorable achievements, Obama proved the age-old adage that anybody can grow up to become President of the United States.

Unfortunately that same age-old adage held true for the soon-to-be forty-fifth President of the United States. My wife and I plan on having another child sooner than later — in the foreseeable four years to be sure. But I’m certain that my wife will not be quick to send a birth announcement to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — nor 721 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY — with the arrival of Jean Louise’s little brother or sister.  While it was an honor to receive a note from President Barrack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama that will hang framed in Jean Louise’s room for as long as she lives under our roof, the same cannot be said in regards to the forty-fifth President. Jean Louise is only one. So my hope is that we’ll be able to get through the next four years relatively unscathed as far as having to explain how and why of the  administration from now until January 20, 2021.

I am grateful for the eight years that Barack Obama served as United States President. While I had hoped that as a father of a girl that the final result of the recent presidential election would have gone the other way, I can hope that when the first woman is elected President my daughter will be able to comprehend the significance of the event and that even she can grow up to become President someday.

On a side note… Richard M. Nixon became the 37th President of the United States when I was only one year old — and I turned out okay. (I think.)

As a final thought to this post, please let me reiterate… Thanks, Obama. Sincerely.




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