In an effort to expand my audience for DAN a.k.a. DAD I will be adding a video element to the blog. For the most part, it will be a new segment called “Chalk Talk with Dan a.k.a. Dad.” Why “Chalk Talk?” First, I already have the “chalk” motif implemented on the DAN a.k.a. DAD site. Second, “Chalk Talk” is a catchy rhyming title. Third, the definition of “chalk talk” is a monologue presentation done while the speaker illustrates points by drawing on a blackboard. So, I’ll be adding some illustrations to make the name legit.

Will the videos replace the blog post, thus making DAN a.k.a. DAD a vlog? Not entirely. I like to write, so I will still be writing and posting blog posts. Some of the “Chalk Talk” videos may coincide and/or supplement the written posts, and some won’t.

The videos will be featured here on the DAN a.k.a DAD website, as well as the DAN a.k.a. DAD YouTube Channel. In fact, it would be awesome if you would subscribe to the DAN a.k.a. DAD YouTube Channel to help support my dad blogging efforts. They will also likely pop up on the DAN a.k.a. DAD Facebook Page — which you should “like” if you haven’t already. Thanks for the support.



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